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Spinbol Cup Round 1 results



Time to see the results of the First Round of Spinbol Cup 2019 and see, who made it to the Second Round – results are very suprising, and also we will see, who has won the prize. As you remember, those of you, who predicted correct results, had chances to win one of these pen mods. And you still can, because I have some more of them to draw.

Hello, spinner, you are on Pen Stock, channel about Pen Spinning. Today we will see winners of the First Round and hear opinions of 2 experts about each battle. I think, I also will tell you some of my thoughts regarding them. Oh, yes, before we start – I compiled whole information about this Tournament on penstock.net/sc2019, so it would be easier to follow the Tournament or watch how it went back then, if you watch this video in the future – in this case – say “hello, oldies!” How is it going there? Have people already travelled to Mars?

So, Spinbol Cup 2019 was made for our community, and I let you, guys, decide and choose winners according to your thoughts, nevertheless, it Is always good to hear opinions of more experienced pen spinners. First of all let me introduce you Braza, finalist of RSPS Tournament O-Pen Arena 2017, who has become one of my favorite pen spinners and to my mind is the strongest pen spinner of Russian Community.

The second expert is Stay with me, that’s his name, the irrefutable judge of most of Tournaments, which I have hosted ever, the guy, on whose opinion and judgment  I trust and rely fully. Stay with me is not a very strong pen spinner, but his vision makes him one of the best judges I know.

So here we go – a pro pen spinner, pro critic  and voice of people for each battle of the First Round.f

I thought about that for a long time, but eventually came to a conclusion, that in this Tournament, their opinion would not influent on Results, that only voice of people will matter, because I really want to see, what people like, not Pro’s.

OK, let’s get started, enough of these introductions!

1 battle was between Siwatch and Yerkosh.

Braza: Both combos are executed pretty well.
Yerkosh has done a great job. He made a wonderful combo using some power tricks in it. And
Siwatch had some pretty awesome passes and his links are more difficult.
In overall his combo was more original and spectacular to watch.
This is why my vote goes to Siwatch.

Stay with me:

Siwatch versus Yerkosh. Yerkosh has a beautiful and smooth power combo with a competent choice of angle and background and mod color, but in my eyes Sivotch due to a competent combination of stylish elements looks a little stronger. In execution, both have practically nothing to complain about.

As for me, I would choose Siwatch as the winner of this battle, because, yes, his execution of those really complex elements, which he showed, was flawless. Even though he has spent 3 seconds on some unnecessary spamlike passes from 6 to 9 seconds of his video. Yerkosh showed good power-style, without a real difficult tricks, but nice finisher and lack of spam. I liked both settings, we can see every movement pretty clear.

Our true Judge with a capital “J”, decided to vote for Yerkosh, he has won this battle with an impressive gap from his opponent. After 2 days of voting, this is how many days we have to vote for winners, he got 189 votes against 37 and he proceeds to the Second Round, congratulations, Yerkosh, I am pumped to see your performance again!

Second battle of Round 1

LimeZz vs Nefo


Nefo has done quite a stylish combo with a very difficult triangle pass to spider spin element in the end. But he had a serious slowdown somewhere in the middle of his combo. I really liked that he tried to put on something stylish like this. I didn’t feel any confidence behind his links.
Limezz’s combo was a little bit too long. His tricks were a little bit less complex as Nefo’s ones but they were executed perfectly with a lot more confidence.
This is why my vote goes to Limezz 


Stay with me:

Absolutely controversial battle. On the one hand, Nefo with a wonderful idea for combo of high complexity and air tricks, but with a very miserable knockdown at 7th second and weak by completing the combo. On the other hand, LimeZz's with almost perfect performance, but the combo is much simpler and too long.
Given the competitive format, I would still vote for LimeZz, because the quality of execution, in my opinion, in this case exceeds the complexity of the opponent, which is not brought to the required level, slightly.


I like Nefo’s square pass to triangle pass, I loved this aerial bust to scissor spin. As well, I really don’t like this grab on the 7th second of the video. In general I would agree, that Nefo’s execution lacked in confidence, each second I was afraid, that he was going to drop a pen, it made me a bit nervous.

As for LimeZz’s video – the combo is way too long, make it shorter, and it would look much less spammy. To my mind, the whole middle part of the combo spoils the impression about his video. All in all, this is a very good power style, executed confident, smooth and fast. I also liked his angle much more, than Nefo’s and, guys, I didn’t include it in the video about this Round, but after execution LimeZz also did this, which definitely adds points for his finisher, as, you know, filming for a Tournament is pretty stressfull. And to add some little things like this at the end of a good shot – this proves confidence, shows nice approach.

You can compare finals of both videos and see by yourself. But, I don’t know, for whom I would vote in this particular battle, and it doesn’t really matter, does it? Your choice was LimeZz – 198 votes against 126.

The 3rd battle:

Self vs IceCarbon


 I can clearly see that both competitors are new to penspinning.
Well I feel like Self just connected the best elements he knew and added a pretty funny legs element in the end. His combo was definitely way too short and easy.
On the other side we have Icecarbon who’s combo was just the right length for the competition. His links were a bit more complex with some slowdowns though.
But still my vote goes to Icecarbon.


Stay with me:

In this battle, Self decided to make fun of completing his combo with legs, which turned out to be pretty funny, but his combo is too short (especially considering that about three seconds out of eight went to the finisher) and too simple. IceCarbon's elements looks more polished, smooth and harmonious, although the slowdown at 3rd second looks a little sad.


Definitely IceCarbon, because of a good angle. Nah, just kidding, because of longer and more complex combo, of course and a good angle. Though I appreciated this knee thing, a-la PPM ft. Ian Janson in Self’s video.


The fourth, the last, but not least – a battle between

LaKeR and ghost



Laker showed us a nice well-worked out regular combo with a perfect execution.
But his opponent in my opinion was level above him. Ghost came up with really strong and stylish combo made with a lot of confidence and without any slowdowns at all.
No doubt my vote goes to Ghost.
Only thing I would recommend to both contenders is to get a camera stand so that the picture will be steady. And choose a new background because spinning on the bed looks akward.


Stay with me:

You can see right away whose influence was exerted on Ghost in this battle. :) And, in principle, if I took part in refereeing, I would vote for him, despite the swaying camera and the not-so-good choice of background - the originality wins. Regarding Laker, everything is less ambitious, but more polished, smooth and harmonious. 



Of course, ghost was superior in this battle. Yep, his level is, probably, above all of the participants in Spinbol Cup 2019. I appreciate difficultness and creativity of his combo, though that’s definitely not the style, I like, to be honest. This element, on 15th second of the video, looked really weird, though the whole combo in general looked “WOW”. And the way he does Aerial bust – to my mind even it looks superior. All in all I liked ghost in this battle much more, though LaKeR also showed nice execution, but of much easier elements.

I watch this spinner on spinbol.com pretty frequently and can tell, that his progress is impressive. Nevertheless, ghost gave me much more good emotions and his combo was much interesting to watch, I repeated it several times, very good style, very talented but misunderstood spinner.

Voice of people chose LaKeR – 134 votes against 27. It is a pretty obvious choice of  community. And my sincere congratulations to you, LaKeR, you made it to the next Round!

My congratulations to all the winners of the 1st Round of Spinbol Cup 2019, it was a really interesting one, so intriguing, with unexpected turns, so useful for both – noobs and pro’s.

And now it’s the time to find out 2 winners, of our drawing. 2 guys, who will receive their pen mods for being right in their predictions.

Grandpa. Siwatch and Nefo is gonna win. No, none of them have won, so unfortunately your prediction was incorrect, you can and you should try again in the next Round. Let’s pick another winner.

Branden – well here is what I like, detailed reasoned opinion on this Round. I’d give him a credit just for this. But was he right in his predictions?

I see Yerkosh – this is right. And LimeZz. My friend, you are the winner of today’s drawing, that’s awesome, a bit later I will tell you, how to get your prize. First let’s make sure he didn’t cheat. OK, he didn’t, that’s the only prediction for this battle, he didn’t try to choose several winners and yes, good job, Branden.

But we have another video and another pen mod to giveaway.

8D LYRICS! He chose LaKeR, and he is one of the winners. Hm, I didn’ tell, that you should choose 2 winners – 1 for each battle, though actually I meant it to be so. I know, it wasn’t obvious, next time will try to not forget about that. But right now 8D LYRICS met all the necessary conditions, didn’t try to cheat, and I am so happy for you, body. I know, you wanted a pen mod for long, and my congratulations, finally you are getting one!

Branden and 8D LYRICS, get your prizes, you need to email to shop@penstock.net with a topic GIVEAWAY or I have won a givdeaway, send me my pen mod ASAP, I am so excited, that gonna jump out of my pants!

And we will meet in the next video about the next, Second Round, my name is Alex Suhov, May The style be with you, bye!


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