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The Truth, which I DIDN'T Want to Tell. Reply to Reddit Pen Spinning


Finally I got exposed… Today I got a message with a link to a post with something, that can shed new light on me, my channel, shop and who knows what else. Let’s see, what they’ve got.

 Hello! You are on Pen Stock, a channel about Pen Spinning and a lot of secrets are going to be revealed today. I am going to reply to one of the posts in Pen Spinning community, which doesn’t accept me and hate whatever I do and say. I am OK with that, but also I have right to reply to claims from people and point out my own point of view on different matters. Right?

And today will read some thoughts with you and tell, what I think about all this.

Also – I want to thank Laker and Rommel, pen spinners from Spinbol.com, who agreed to help me with today’s video by providing their freestyles – enjoy watching and listen carefully.

Probably, I hope so, at least, I will reply to the whole community, represented by Letho, he was the one, who posted this compilation of rumors, thank you for that, I guess. At least now I will know, what exactly is wrong with me, because before there were only whines and foggy hints, nothing ceratin.

"Beginners shouldn't create their own mods." At first he claims a point, supposedly mine, though this one, for example, I have never said or thought.

All I say is, that beginners should not use their self made mods as their main tool for pen spinning, if they want to have a decent progress. Usually they are made poorly, without any idea of how a pen mod should look, feel and spin. A self pen mod is good for the first 2-3 weeks of mastering fundamental tricks, to move forward easier and with much more fun you’d better at least try to spin a properly made mod. Never told anybody should not make their mods.

But without an example it would either be an unspinnable piece of crap, either you would spend much more time, efforts and money on doing something, which you not necessarily are going to get fun from – not all people like to mod, mostly they like to spin.

 This is false, modding is easy and anyone can do it. Yeah, a lot of ugly unspinnable creations of beginners prove it well. Actually, I don’t really want to argue this, he thinks this way, I think another.

 Learning to mod early can help a lot – how exactly? and introduces beginners to PS culture – how exactly?!The best, what a beginner can do is a Bictory mod, how does it introduce him to a Pen Spinning culture? It’s the best what a beginner can make by himself, in fact first pen mods are really ugly, look and feel like crap.  

Also it's clearly just to convince people to buy his overpriced pre-mades.

Wow-wow-wow! Easy there, overpriced pre-mades. Most of prizes for pen mods on penstock.net are the best on western market so far. Most of the mods in my store cost significantly lower, than in other stores. Don’t you even try to claim, that they have different mods. Almost all use the same spare parts, almost all of them are copies and I have a whole separate video about it. I try to make pen spinning affordable, lower costs as much as I can and try keep prices at their bottom, so that one is a big lie here. Overpriced your ass.

Three sentences so far – 2 of them are complete lying.

"Beginners should learn on light mods."

I have never told anything like that. I don’t recommend beginners to choose too heavy or too light mods, the best way to start pen spinning will be with  something between 15 and 18 gram. It is harder to begin with lighter and heavier pen mods than that. This opinion is a result of observations of numerous different beginners, who practiced with different mods. As for me, at the beginning I thought, that you need heavy pen mod to start, that’s why I chose Dr. CT for myself.

You can view the other thread on the front page for a more in depth analysis, but this is an old myth that should stop being perpetuated.

By the way, old-school pen spinners thought opposite, so this analysis can’t be a final point, just another opinion, and in future pen spinners may decide, that it is completely false as well and consider it as a myth, which should stop being perpetuated. Also, there are people, who still recommend beginners to use lighter pen mods, I am not among them, though, whom are you arguing with, my friend?

There are "pro" mods. Of course there aren't. Anyone can spin anything they want at any level. This idea ties into the previous bullet point.

This idea ties to existence of G3 based mods, for example, most of which are hard to spin for beginners and a lot of intermediate spinners. Also there are a lot of other unbalanced, extremely light pen mods, which would increase time needed for your learning of simple linkages dramatically. Sure you can spin whatever you want, but some mods will slow down your progress, some – speed it up. 

Video topics such as "JEB wipers" which is simply not a thing.

It was called a JEB-like wiper-combo. I took it from a JEB spinner. And as there is no strict definition of JEB-style, it doesn’t have clear frames, one can call combos, which he thinks, look stylish JEB-like.

Attacking outadated sentiments like "MX is good for beginners" even though no one has been arguing this since v2.

It is being argued even these days worldwide. Many beginners heard about RSVP MX and I don’t know why, but many of them think, that it is a legendary awesome pen mod, which would make you a God of Pen Spinning. And some of oldies convince them it is true.

This one is especially bad because he specifically attacks spinners that know more than him to discredit them.

That video was a translation one of my videos, which was made for Russian community to English. There were, and maybe still are, old timers, who considered RSVP MX to be one of the best pen mods for beginners. In Russian Pen Spinning community MX mods have a very good reputation as a pen mod for beginners as well. So, my intentions were not to discredit anybody, which I don’t remember doing at all. By the way, this video was hated in Russian community by very experienced guys as well, but for another reason. You hate me saying obvious thing, as you think, they hate me for saying “wrong” things, as they think – ironic. And what’s more ironic – each side is wrong. I don’t think RSVP MX is bad, the only thing I am against is recommending it to beginners, that’s it.

Claiming that TF Charge is a bad trick and people shouldn't use it.

Yeah, I don’t like itJ

It's a trick that can be used beautifully, and is used beautifully in many combos, so idk what sh.t he's on trying to tell people not to learn/use it.

It can be used beautifully, but only by very skilled pen spinners, in most cases it looks like a crappy mediator trick between Neo Sonic and FL TA Rev, made by people, who can’t link these tricks without it. That’s what I think, do I have a right to say, what I think? “No, because you are spreading misinformation” I am not, chill, information consists of facts, the only fact I am spreading is – I think beginners should avoid Charge TF. It is true, I really think so, so it is a correct information.

The following are not misinformation – as though the previous was but simply reasons why he sucks

Well, the previous was misinformation from you, some of the points you argued, I have never said or thought, others – are just my points of view. Not that insist to be the only right person out here, but I still have right to speak out, yeah, I have some experience in teaching and popularizing Pen Spinning.

OK, let’s hear reasons why I suck.

Overpriced shop that's just him drop-shipping Eno parts.

The prices on penstock.net are one of the best for most of the goods, I don’t drop-ship anything and I have several suppliers! At least this reason must be totally deleted from the list, dude, it is complete bull sh.t. Not a one true word.

Overpriced shop – what the hell? I keep prices as low as it is possible. And all the funds go directly to development of spinbol.com. I saved as much as I could and made it, now I am saving what I can to develop it.

All the funds after paying taxes, delivery to my warehouse from suppliers – there are several of them and I never do drop-shipping - never.

Yeah, renting fee for warehouse and a studio, I lowered them as much as could. I lowered all expenses to minimum to make pen mods as affordable as it is possible. You should see the room, where I film videos – the building is placed in dump literally, in a huge city-dump, dark place.

And after that you call my pen mods overpriced, that’s so unfair. I never told that, but I have no profit from penstock.net, only expenses.

And accusing me in drop-shipping.

Sh.tty, unironic clickbait on all his videos.

Name me at least one clickbait on my entire channel. Do you even know, what it is? This point is a complete mystery for me. I have never lied in a Thumbnail or in a headline. They describe exactly what you are going to see in a video. Sh.tty – that’s what you think, I spend a lot of time and efforts on making thumbnails, so they would look nice and above all – relevant to a content! Clickbait on ALL videos! Is it a joke? I think, you have no idea, what you are talking about.

Garbage streams and videos such as doing 3x bust for 10 hours or spending 2 hours being salty at reddit comments calling him on his bullsh.t.

Pen Spinning, YouTube channel, penstock.net, spinbol.com – that’s only my hobby, I don’t make living out of all this, so sorry, if my streams and videos don’t match your standards. I mostly do, what I like and what I can in my free time. As for being salty – I also just replied to bullsh.t from reddit. Just like now.

Responding to criticism and corrections from more knowledgeable spinners with hostility and refusing to change.

I changed a lot throughout my life, but never was it because you wanted me to.

I don’t respond to criticism with hostility.  Damn, I am not hostile even to your lie in this post. As for corrections – those “more knowledgeable spinners” often contradict to themselves and one frequently refutes another, whom exactly should listen to? Whose criticism should I accept as the only possible truth? Feel free to criticize and correct me. But also make sure you are open for different ideas as well, OK?

You think there are only to opinions – yours and wrong ones. Hate to disappoint you, but there are much more, than that, expand your horizon.

And if you disagree with my point of view – don’t become so hateful. Because in most cases those corrections, as you call them, are just other opinions, which other experienced pen spinners also can criticize, they are not facts, just ways people see this or another aspect.

I don’t hate you for disagreeing with me, I have never said, that you suck or something, just because you think in other way, why do you? And why do you think I am not knowledgeable? I started pen spinning in 2014, I started to teach people to spin a pen in 2016. I did it online, offline, spoke to many different spinners – beginners, pro’s, average spinners. In most cases my opinion is a combination of thoughts of several different people. If you don’t agree with me, it doesn’t necessarily mean I am wrong. What if in some aspects I really know more, than you?

Just kidding, I know, you are never going to allow such a thought, that’s gonna be way beyond your mini-world.

Literally every single video is an ad for his sh.t site.

Now that was offensive! You may say whatever you want about me and my channel. You don’t like me, don’t like my videos – fine, first of all they are about Pen Spinning, for introducing my site I spend less than 10% of a video duration. And I think I have a right to do so, why the hell not? But calling penstock.net a sh.t site  - it’s just too much! Do you know, how much time I have spent to make it to look at least like it is, how much I sacrificed to whole this thing? So much time, efforts and love was invested in it and now this guy calls it a sh.t!

You know what, I regret spending time replying to your useless post, full of crap and nonsense. There wasn’t even a one single point, which I could look at and think: “Yeah, this guy is right, I shouldn’t have done that.”

Many times I did it, changed things, when subscribers pointed them to me and I agreed with them. What did you want, when you made this post?

You know, guys, first of all thanks to all, who have watched till this moment, you are true. And if you want to help misinformation stop spreading around, post this video on subreddit each time you see anyone brings out the points, mentioned today. Thank you in advance.


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