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TOP 5 Pen Spinning Beginner Mistakes


5 common mistakes, which beginner pen spinners often make while learning how to spin a pen like a PRO. I’ve been in Pen Spinning for quite a long time and often speak to beginners and experienced people. I have seen rises of different pen spinners and falls of others. Today I want to tell you about 5 common mistakes beginners make in their journey, so you could avoid them and do Pen Spinning much more efficient than I did.

4 Pen Mods Review. Flower Mods: https://youtu.be/STs2gJJWx08

First Pen Mods for Pen Spinning: ttps://youtu.be/yvlbyPwlW-A

Mini-Combo with Neo Sonic to FL TA Rev: https://youtu.be/3aYkBh0zw5o ____________________________________


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