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Twister v1 Pink Body WG

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  • Black grip
  • Black grip
  • White grip
  • White grip
22.3 cm
21.7 gr
Double/Single Capped
Double Capped
Pen Mods Series
Twister Series
4.91 $
In stock: 2 pcs

Twister v1 is a heavy pen spinning mod with a crazy momentum because of 2 Air Fit tips at both its sides. It feels, like it spins by itself, at the same time this pen mod is not that hard to control.

Twister v1 uses mat body, specially made for pen spinning. It helps you to keep a good grip with your hand at the same time letting you slide a pen mod.

4.91 $
In stock: 2 pcs
4.91 $
In stock: 1 pcs
4.91 $
In stock: 2 pcs

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Hi i need this pen cuse its in my budget
I really like this mod
as the description says, it has a lot of momentum, and it does feel like it is spinning by itself. I think that this would be a pretty good mod for beginners, but over all a lot of fun. Its nice spinning a very heavy mod like this every know and then.
over all
9/10 (the tips sometimes fall out, hot glue them in if you buy)

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