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Twister v2 green grips

Article: Twister v2 green grips Sale
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22.7 cm
21.8 gr
Pen Mods Series
Twister Series
Manually made
Pen mods may differ from pictures
6.24 $
In stock: 498 pcs
Twister v2 is a heavy pen mod, which can be considered as a cheaper alternative to Ivan Emboss SG. This pen spinning pen has thick mat body and good weight distribution, which allows Twister v2 to have good momentum and nice center balance.
6.24 $
In stock: 443 pcs
6.24 $
In stock: 493 pcs
6.24 $
In stock: 486 pcs
6.24 $
In stock: 493 pcs
6.24 $
In stock: 486 pcs

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can i get my pen mod now
Sebastian Handershen
Yellow grips look a little bit like light green.
R.Adem Tabak
My from turkish
I am 12 and have not so big hands , will the twister v2 be a good mood for me it is cheep and balanced Wich is why l chose it
Lovely dutta
Just nice........No compare!!!!!
Hey bro can i get in Myanmar
Angelo King O Nipay
I want twister V2 blue grips
Vishwas Chawla
Bro! I'm in India and not able to give money in dollars. How much will it cost in Indian currency?
I want
Penstock has much better pens and just for 4.00$. I paid 20.00$ for mine and it's worse than those.
Its good

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