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Twister v4 white with silver tips

Article: Twister v4 white with silver tips Sale
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  • white, golden tips
  • white, silver tips
  • black, silver tips
  • black, golden tips
22.7 cm
21.5 gr
Pen Mods Series
Twister Series
Manually made
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5.57 $
In stock: 497 pcs
5.57 $
In stock: 431 pcs
5.57 $
In stock: 499 pcs
5.57 $
In stock: 489 pcs

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Jamesnel mark pandong
How to buy
issa ss
this is a cool pen for spinning and practice i recommend it
didnt buy it yet cuz i am poor but i am gonna do soon
and ty
Really cool
I have completed an order 3 days ago for the above item and have emailed the seller to ask when the item will be delivered.Payment has been made and I have still not received any confirmation as to when the item will be delivered
Order number 5116254
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