Personal training with Alex Lantz
A personal 30-minute long video session with me, during which I will give you a more detailed explanation for pen spinning elements, exemine how you do them, give some hints and reply to your questions.
Alex Lantz
Alex Lantz
A pen spinner from Pen Stock - channel about Pen Spinning
What you can get from a session for example
A detailed help with pen spinning element from a Pen Stock video
I will give you a more detailed and personalized explanation on elements from my videos on Pen Stock, point and correct your mistakes.
My opinion on your pen spinning stuff
You can let me rate your pen mods / combo / general skill / style etc
A breakdown for a chosen combo 
You will send me a combo and I will show you tricks and elements used in this combo.
Just talk and get personalized tips hints
Hey, you want just to talk? Awesome! I can show you some behind the scene stuff or reply to your questions.
Get a video-call for a much lower price!
Get a video-call for a much lower price!
First few calls get a huge discount and my HUGE gratitude! This offer is limited in time and available time-slots for it are also limited, so don't miss it.
Special offer expires at
20.08.2021 00:00:00
It is very easy to get
Schedule a call
Choose a date and time, where you can get a call, from a list.
Place an order
Put chosen time-slot in cart and proceed with your order. If you only get a video-call - there is no need to fill delivery form.
Leave a comment to your order
Let me know, what you want to get from the call, which messenger you prefer to use and your account name in the messenger
Get ready for a video-call
Prepare your mod and make sure I'll be able to see you. We will meet online in a video-chat at a chosen time via Skype or Discord!
Get a video-file with your session
I will record our session, so you could rewatch it to get things you might have missed during a call.
A One-on-One video training
Schedule a call
A 30-minute video session with Alex Lantz + video file with your session afterwards. You choose topic you want to discuss and time to get in contact.