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Voting for Round 1-1. Pen Spinning Tournament Spinbol Cup 2019



Spinbol Cup on Reddit: https://shorturl.at/luS38

Second Part of Round 1: https://youtu.be/KiEtNszc-fk Spinbol

Cup 2019 on PENSTOCK.NET: /sc2019

We are finally strating the Spinbol Cup Tournament, guys! And you can easily take part in it, and I am sure, you will, because you are the one to judge participants in our competition. Because it is about our community, and each member, each of you has his right to speak up and to have a chance to win a prize as well as participants! I’ll tell you about that a bit later.

Hello, spinner, you are on Pen Stock and today we start the main event in our Pen Spinning community of this year. We have 8 participants for this Pen Spinning Tounament, you can see bracket in penspin subreddit. 8 participants, only a 1 winner, who gets the first prize of the Tournament – great respect of the whole community and in addition a coupon for $50 to choose any goods from Pen Spinning shop – PenStock.net

And that’s not it, I also envisaged a consolation prize for a bronze winner, he will get these 2 great pen mods – Ivan Mod and beautiful Minwoo Mod. And each participant gets a 1 time discount of 15% for all the goods on penstock.net right after loosing a Round.

Alright, now I will show you 2 battles of 4 for the First Round. After each battle you will see a card to poll for a pen spinner you liked more in each battle. We have only 2 days to choose winners. After 2 days, all the additional polls won’t be counted, but you still can poll, of course.

Also don’t forget to follow the link in the first comment to watch other 2 battles for this Round, which you also will like for sure.

So, greetings to the first battle of the Tournament, ladies and gentlemen, meet:

Siwatch vs Yerkosh

Astonishing, isn’t it? I know, for whom to poll, but wouldn’t tell you that just now, so you could decide by yourself, according to what you feel like. Test your preference, match it with the results.

Take your time, watch both combos again closely and poll right now.

Now you can pause the video and write down, whom did you choose in the first battle and why. It is very interesting to find out and, bro, I am going to draw this pen mod among those of you, who made correct prediction. So if you are right about the winner of this battle and you told that in the comment section below – you can win this cool pen mod in a drawing!

This applies to all of the 4 today’s battles, from both of the videos, remember, there is the second part for you in the next video.

Alright, that’s not it for today, we have the second epic battle, meet:

LimeZz vs Nefo

Awesome skills! Something to seek to. I loved it so much and making decision definitely is not going to be easy! Time to watch both combos again closely and make 1 right choice about the second battle of Spinbol Cup 2019.

Test yourself, poll right now.

OK, now you can write down, whom you have chosen as a winner and also, yeah, you can see, whom other have chosen, because if your prediction was right, you have a chance to win one of these 4 pen mods with the free delivery to any country, so don’t be afraid to tell us, whose the winner.

A little remark – doesn’t matter, how many comments you leave, all of them will take part in drawing, if meet the following requirements:

First of all, make sure to not to spam, all spam comments will be automatically deleted, and you wouldn’t even notice that, YouTube does it by itself.

Second of all – you can make only one prediction for each battle, I think, it is pretty obvious. So if there will be 2 of them – you are out of drawing. 1 battle – 1 vote, as many comments, as you need to bring out your point of view.

And now, as we are done with the first 2 battles for the First Round of Spinbol Cup 2019, let’s move on to others – click here, or in the first comment or find the link in the description under this video on YouTube. See you there.



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