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Voting for Round 1-2. Pen Spinning Tournament Spinbol Cup 2019


Spinbol Cup on Reddit: https://shorturl.at/luS38

First Part of Round 1: https://youtu.be/644BJ1-ji8Y

Spinbol Cup 2019 on PENSTOCK.NET: https://penstock.net/sc2019

Hello, spinner! This is the second part of the first Round of Pen Spinning Tournament Spinbol Cup 2019. In the first part, if you haven’t watched it, I think, you should, as there I explain, how you can take part in this Tournament by judging the Tournament and also take part in drawing of one of these 4 pen mods from penstock.net.

In this video I won’t waste your time on repeating the whole thing, just watch the previous video, where I explained, how the Tournament is going, and quickly jump in. You will find the link in the description and in the first comment on YouTube.

So the First Round goes on, and we have 2 more battles to watch and to judge, of course.

Meet the third battle for today:

IceCarbon vs Self

Not that easy to choose a winner, right? For that you’d better watch both combos closely and listen to your feelings, what do you think – who was stronger in this battle?

I am not going to say thoughts about that just yet to keep your mind clear of any manipulations, the whole point is for you to pick up the winner according to your personal criteria. Let the strongest win and poll right now in this little card.

Now in the comment section express some thoughts about your choice in the third battle of Spinbol Cup 2019, and if you picked the winner right, you may win one of these pen mods with the free delivery and my congratulations.

Meanwhile we are moving to the last battle of the first Round of Pen Spinning Tournament between:

LaKeR and ghost

Choose wisely, watch closely, it is not the right time to hurry up. Pretty good prize is at stake, so we all need to be sure the strongest pen spinner wins it. And though all of today’s combos were great, only four people out of 8 will move forward to the second Round.

Now you can watch the combos of this battle again, maybe you need to slow down the video and choose the winner. Poll right now.

Alright, now it’s the time to pause the video and write down, whom you have chosen out of the forth battle – was it Laker or ghost? Leave your opinion, prove it to the other pen spinners. We have 2 days to find out, who is going to be the winners and proceed to the next Round and to pick up the ones, who would win the drawing.

And soon enough we will find that out, don’t miss. My name is Alex Suhov, may the style be with you, bye!




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