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Waterfall pink caps

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21.5 cm
16 gr
Good For Beginners
Super Pirat
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Double Capped
Manually made
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21.57 $
In stock: 480 pcs

Waterfall – mod for Pen Spinning

Classy medium weighted pen mod with long Dr. Grip grips, which feel nice, add momentum and are very handy, when it comes to doing wipers. Waterfall mod is suitable for pen spinners of all levels, but it is most suitable for beginner and medium level of pen spinners. With this pen mod you can practice all kinds of Pen Spinning tricks and develop any style you want to get.

21.57 $
In stock: 363 pcs
21.57 $
In stock: 376 pcs
21.57 $
In stock: 480 pcs
21.57 $
In stock: 419 pcs
21.57 $
In stock: 455 pcs
21.57 $
In stock: 487 pcs








Waterfall - is a mod for pen spinning. Suitable for beginners and skilled spinners.

Was made by Skatox from French community, and was popularized by Waterfall - spinner from the same community. That's why this mod is called - Waterfall.

Great balance of a pen mod is combined with optimal weight and length. Long Dr. Grip grips come up very handy when you do wipers. Based on Super Pirat body with 2 Reynold's caps, 2 signo tips and 2 Dr. Grip grips, Waterfall mod is a good choice for both - beginners and pro-pen spinners.




2.99 $
In stock: 468 pcs
2.65 $
In stock: 491 pcs


14.93 $
In stock: 447 pcs
17.92 $
In stock: 452 pcs
14.93 $
In stock: 450 pcs
Красивейший мод, легкий, а о грипах от Dr.Grip и говорить не надо. Очень красивый спин эффект у цветных вариантов.
sajal mondal
sir i will buy a waterfall pen mod
Really good pen mod. Not too heavy but its heavy enough for all kinds of tricks. I eoulf recommend it for beginners and intermediate spinners.
I am a beginner, and I really need this pen mod.
I am a beginner, and I really need this pen mod.
Is this the caps or the pen
Shahkar Ahmad
I need this pen
Aniket kamble
I want it at any point
Why are you guys making comments about how you need this pen mod, this is not the place for this so called "review".
I love this pen, its not too heavy and not too light, just what you need to learn any trick you want to.
Sinister mxke
I really want this pen when are they on stock?
really nice pen mod, good balanced , the transport was not that faster ,but i recived it in 40 days
Sheikh Imran
I want this but how can i buy
The person who bought this mod
Took 1 month-ish to arrive

Its a good mod. This mod is often compared to the Flying Panda, but this mod is clearly better. The grips feel insanely nice to spin, the body is a good weight, and overall it would be good for beginners, and intermediates.

Great pen, 10/10

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