Apply for Spinbol Cup 2019: https://spinbol.com/talks/90

E-mail about official group or public to: alex@penstock.net

I am pretty tired of doing tutorials for tricks for beginners, but I had to do it, you know. First versions of fundamental trick tutorials were TOTAL crap and new versions I can tolerate, more or less, they are made much better and are much more helpful for new generation to have no problem with finding good quality Pen Spinning tutorials.

Though they are also pretty far away from perfection, I promised to finish with basic tricks by the end of this summer and, hey, I stick to a word. The last video, about 4 basic tricks in Pen Spinning were released on 31st of August. I did it in time, even though making it was a complete hell – 3 times my microphone stopped recording without letting me know and I had to make 3 shots 30 minutes each to get the video finally done! Like I make a video, put whole my soul in it and after that find out, that this bastard didn’t mean to record anything. And the microphone inside my camera sounds AWEFULL, it is just irresponsible to leave audio from it in a video. And I was ill, guys, with high body temperature and all that flu stuff, you even can see, how tired I am at the last minutes by red eyes. And the picture for this awesome thumbnail, it was made at the end and face is really tired. Man, it was a hard night, as after that I had to edit the video the whole night.

Anyway, all those videos were not for you, subscribers of Pen Stock, you know these tricks well, tutorials are for new pen spinners, the ones, who will join us in a journey. But this video I am making totally for you, that’s why it will get very few views and this is why I will appreciate each of them very much.

So, first of all, I want to ask you to go and give a like to the last video, about the 4 fundamental tricks, because it is very important for attracting new pen spinners and make our world more saturated. Some of them would become new champions, new teachers, will start new channels with high quality videos.

And share it wherever you can, even in this filthy subreddit main pile, if you are not afraid of getting downvotes or dislikes, or whatever they are called there. I am not going to get tired to say, that those arrogant douches dislike any attempt of other people to do something about Pen Spinning popularization. In fact, I have already shared the video in there, again, because it is very important to attract newcomers with good quality videos.

But they have already downvoted the post and lowered my carma far below zero. Now I am SubZero, as I’ve always wanted to be…

We were supposed to cooperate and help Pen Spinning grow together, you arrogant douches! We could make one space for all, doesn’t matter on which base – facebook, reddit or whatever. Instead you just downvote every post I tried to do! And the only reason for that is – you don’t get enough views and attention, like it means something. But that’s because you don’t want to cooperate, because lying and trash talking is much easier to do, and it doesn’t require you to actually do something.

You don’t have to like me, but kicking me out just for trying to do something for pen spinning is wrong.

Too good, we have spinbol.com to separate new generation from old farts, former UPSB renegades! Let’s leave them in their swamp, we will make our own Tournament with our own videos, and heroes. By the way, if you want to take part – go and apply on spinbol.com, link in the description, right now there are enough applicants to start to consider dates for Spinbol Cup 2019. And on the next week I am going to name those, who is going through for sure. I want to make a semi-epic video, you will like it. And if you want to be in it, don’t hesitate to apply for Spinbol Cup. You can earn needed points later, you don’t need them to apply.

And Spinbol Cup 2019 is going to be a cool event, not that big, as WT2019, of course, much bigger.

 Where the flip is WT2019, by the way? How many people watch it, do you have any idea? I feel abandoned, heard they were going to do it in August or something. Let’s ask Google, it knows everything. OK,

 how the best pen spinners  of the world compete to each other. Oh, results of the first Round were published on September 2, so it is really on. OK, let’s see, sana 400 people watched it! That wassupposed to be the main event, they make WT 7 times and 400 people give a damn about it! A video of just me simply announcing Spinbol Cup 2019 got 5 times more views, than one of the best pen spinners in the world showing his maximum skill.


First of all – because they use technologies of Mesozoic era to deliver information to others. I understand, it is all built on enthusiasm, but look, what is it? “It is not allowed to copy website layout.”? Who the flip would want to copy it? OK, I am not a web-designer, maybe it is OK, but to my mind it looks worse, than spinbol.com, which was made just for fun.

Judges… oh, I can’t select their names, find any info about them, and what are these shields for? They have three sponsors for the event to make and nobody gives a sh.t that we can’t even go to their web-sites, because links don’t work, there is a colon missing. For you, sponsors, to notice it, how many people have checked your web-sites, apparently, zero-hero.

 Second – they didn’t give any shout out anywhere. We are supposed to know about the main Tournament by default, right? Or is it just for a private club of chosen ones.

For example, judges, I don’t know, who are them, can’t find that from this site. Well, yeah, I know Eagle and Iteza and Tigres, but not the rest of them. How many judges do you know out of these 5? Write in the comments below.

They didn’t spread any information, all I heard about WT 2019  was in comments on YouTube, under the video announcement of Spinbol Cup.

They could appeal to me, for example, let me know, that there is going to be an event, I don’t have a huge audience, but not those pathetic 400 views for one of the greatest events in Pen Spinning world. And in this case I wouldn’t have announced my Tournament in one f.cking month after WT2019 for God sake. They could have asked other spintubers, as they hate me, with some audience to announce it. I can hardly name 3 active channels right now, it is not so many, just make three messages and much more people would know, that you are doing something.

Come on down!

But no, Alex Sukhov is a persona non grata, we hate him for being a little bit more popular, than we, as well we hate Oleg for the same reason, so we would better just make one little post in a sorrowful semi-dead subreddit.

Yes, nowadays World Tournament looks like a self-made private club just for chosen ones, the first rule of WT: you do not talk about WT, the second rule is the same.

And that’s what I thought. You know, a discord channel was made, you can find invitation link in the description. It expires frequently, though I always make the one, which should not expire, tired of it already. So, Kevin and Sepela Thons handle this server, let’s tell them, how we are thankful for that. At least we have some place to talk, don’t blame me for not showing in it often, I don’t really like to talk much.

But what I want to suggest for those, who managed to watch this video to this moment, you are in a great minority, less than 10% of all viewers, the true spinboller. If you want to make a subreddit about pen spinning or a facebook group – contact me on discord or Instagram. We need some place for coordination, to show information and to discuss Spinbol Cup, at least.

And if you want to host an official public, subreddit or… yeah, one of those two, write me in discord or in Instagram and we will see, how to do it better and more efficiently.

That’s it for today, my name is Alex Sukhov. May the style be with you, bye!


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