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Your choices. Buster Waterfall and Flower v5 test. UPSF-old-farts, are you SERIOUS????


Reaction to Combos for Spinbol Cup 2019: https://youtu.be/A2eg1Kg3muk

All updates about Spinbol Cup 2019: https://penstock.net/spinbol-cup

I am shocked to my core! At first it was really funny, but then I realized, how f**ked up are brains of UPSB-fags. It is unbelievable! You are going to see my rage a bit later, because the first things first – we will see results of popular vote.

Yellow, spinner, you are on Pen Stock, channel about Pen Spinning. Today we will look at the results of voting. As you remember, in the last video, when I showed applicants for the main event of this year in the whole Pen Spinning world, I divided them into 2 divisions – the 1st one – those, who most likely will pass through, the 2nd – those, who have less chances to take part in Spinbol Cup, but still have them, if we get enough applicants.

Today I want to test 2 of new pen mods, which are now available on penstock.net – let’s see how Buster Waterfall and Flower v5 would show themselves in a fresstyle.

There were also 3 votes, when I asked you to choose a division to 3 applicants for the event. Let’s see, what you have chosen and let it all be as you wish.

First of all I wasn’t sure about Nefo’s combo, well, actually, there was a side, to which I lean more, but let’ see, what have people decided. 133 voted on this combo so far and 59% of them think, that Nefo should be in the first division. I wouldn’t argue with that, sounds fair enough.

By the way, I have left a link in the description to this video to a page, where you can find all updates about coming Spinbol Cup 2019. Like lists of participants, results, suitable videos and so on, go and check it out to stay tuned.

After that there was Daz, whose freestyle was much more solid, smooth and steady, but to my mind at the same time it was much more simple, than, for example, Nefo’s combo or freestyle. Though his level is fine as well, I guess. 105 viewers voted on this combo and 60% agreed to let him in the 1st division, so be it.

And now let the fun begin. M1nky’s combo, 90 people voted on him and the total majority agreed, that he deserves the 1st division.  AAAAAA-ha-ha-ha…

Are you kidding??? OK-OK, I can understand newbies, who are not into all this so far, but most of old-farts totally bought the whole bull-sh*t, which I told in the video at that part. This is ridiculous! Even those, who have claimed to listen to me and hear, what I have said in the past – believed, that I can mix simple FingerPass with a Mirrored PowerPass! Yes, as many of you have, a the beginning of my Pen Spinning journey I have watched a video of Fel2Fram about different versions of powerpass.

If you would have paid a little bit of attention, you can see my hint on that right when I spoke about ghost.ps in the same video. There was also a small hint at the beginning of the video – I told it loud and clear “I won’t say about people’s execution and level”. But yeah, those are vague hints, you could have missed them easily. But the following were so obvious, that only a sky-level arrogance could really prevent you from getting them!

Well, the whole part starts, when I “try” to read his name as m 1 nky. But you haven’t noticed, that I’ve read 5TY-4 correctly, which is much, MUCH more difficult to figure out, than 1 instead of “I”. I wouldn’t even say, that I know M1nky well, we are from the same community, and I looked at his way in Pen Spinning.

After that I tell, that “This is a very low-level of execution”, while in fact it is obviously one of the finest executions among other applicants.

Hell, I even advised him to change the hand, which he uses to spin a pen! And you still bought it!

It was so funny, when i.suk came to discord channel, by the way, don’t forget to go in there, if you want to chat with other pen spinners – very useful and fun place. So i.suk came down there from the sky, like Zeus, holding i.suk Giotto instead of lightning:

“You are wrong, Alex, there are right-handed and left-handed people on this planet”

Really? But… how? O-o-o-o-h, shi~.

A lot, and I mean it – I LOT of times I told you, guys, that Noel is one of my favorite pen spinners, probably number 1, and guess what – he is lefty! Yes, he spins with a left hand and I know that well, as all his solo videos I have watched dozens of times. i.suk came to a discord server with a whole poem about me not knowing about left-handed people!

After that I say, that “for less than a year experience”, just according to his profile on spinbol.com. Like, there is 0 year, so his level is less than a year. It is a small self-mockery, it never hurts, you know.

What was then – oh yeah, I called the beginning of his combo unclear, I even told, that it seems, like he doesn’t know what to do with his pen. Guys, there is no such thing in pen spinning, whatever tricks you – you do something, if you don’t know what to do with a pen – you hold it still. Yeah, the part about powerpass was hilarious. I remember thinking – should I even include it in a video, because, yeah, this one and the left-right hand passage were too obvious, so I thought most of people would bite me through and I would lose all the fun.

Apparently, it was a good idea to leave it in the video, as it was a sensation. Oh, I wish I could see faces of UPSB-farts, when they heard me advising M1nky to go and watch my fingerpass tutorial videos. How smart they felt, brilliant minds!

“Alex has devoted 5 years to pen spinning and he doesn’t know what a powerpass is, I knew about it after 2 months of my pen spinning practice. Ain’t I cool and awesome? Yes, I am.”

No, my friend, you are pretty dumb to think so, it is as stupid as buying a pen mod from Amazon. Or arrogant – you choose it. Again, I am not appealing to newbies, if you are new to pen spinning – of course you are lacking in knowledge, it is totally fine to buy all that about m1nky, you can also make such a big mistake as buying Zhigao, if you still don’t know, that these sh*t-sticks were designed rummaging in ass rather to learn tricks in Pen Spinning.

But be careful, which information you take into account.

Be careful with whom you listen to. Chances are, it is just an arrogant UPSB-old fart, who passes you an advice from another arrogant old-fart. Yes, there is also a little chance, that it is just me messing with you, but this chance is tinyJ

Anyway, what’s a big deal of all this misinforming, misleading people in wrong direction in Pen Spinning. It all doesn’t matter, while it helps. Everybody has his own way and all we can do is giving you some tips for doing stuff. I take tips for you from my experience, from experience of many different people as well.

Look, who is a better teacher -  a guy, who has no problems with progressing in pen spinning, who can make hard tricks in first 3-4 months of his practice. Or the one, who had a really tough time with learning even simple tricks, who had to go and study a lot of theoretical info about each trick, different ways of learning them and after all that still had to develop his own way of learning? Who is a better teacher, what do you think?

I can tell you this – those, who have good results in something almost never can be good teachers. There are so many proves of this statement.

The issue is with this – the second category of pen spinners are too busy studying and finding new information, they mostly speak to better skilled people to find information. And the 1st category likes to go to reddit and give advices to the 2nd category. They really do like to give advices, while in fact being not that knowledgable.

It’s like me with learning languages. I really learn them pretty fast and can somehow keep a conversation with a foreigner after 2-3 months of learning his language. But ask me to teach someone to do it. Hell, I can’t explain simple things about how to study English even to my own daughter. Not that I insist on knowing English that great, of course. The thing is – I don’t even learn it much, as my current level is enough for my work.

But man have I problems with Pen Spinning! I love it, but it is so hard, that I have to find all the ways for very simple things and provide you with information, which I figure out. I also have to find the most efficient ways to learn, as I actually can’t devote so much time for practicing itself – I do have job, pen spinning and youtube channel – those are my hobbies.

And I know, most of you, guys, are the same. Main audience of Pen Stock channel are people from 25 to 35 years old. Mostly they don’t comment a lot, but I see you, guys, I have hidden analytics here, you know! 35+ aged men and a few women are on the second place and only 17% of my audience are teenagers, so in fact, I am doing videos for the same guys as I am, with the same problems in study, who take pen spinning as their hobby in the office or do tricks with a pen in front of TV-set.

I know, that stretching and warming up before pen spinning practicing helps a lot as well it helps to cure your hands, if you spend a lot of time by a computer – I make a video to show you that and get a lot of responses in messages. I know it helps from my own experience and from experience of other people. You know, I had a channel on Russian, where I made some video before making them here, on Pen Stock, and already got responses for this particular video.

Stretching and warming really helps and you can easily check it out by yourself. What do old farts do – laugh at this video. Like, you don’t need this sh*t, you don’t need that sh*t, but what you need to spin and progress better – you need to go and try to make your own pen mod by yourself! Yeah, even though it either would cost you much more, than buying a pre-made mod, either you will make a complete unspinnable disaster.

You ask them – where do I buy them? And they reply, that the best shop is penwish, at least if you live in USA. Why? I have a lot of orders from USA, delivery from penstock.net is in average – 10 days and costs only 7$. Than it turns out, that penwish cooperates with a company, which steals your credit card info and actually steals your money! It corrupts reputation of all the other online shops and I am staying strongly against that!

After that he tells you to go and buy pen mods from TaoBao, but then it turns out to be hard as hell and at the end you get extremely long delivery and the same price for pen spinning stuff, as if you would get them from penstock! Sometimes you end up with an overpaid amount.

And than, at the end, he advices you to go to a discord, ask random people from the community to send you pen mods with advanced payment without any guarantees. It is very convenient, right? What can be easier, than find out a good independent pen modder and try to buy from him, huh? I know – go to a specialized shop and make buying a nice and easy process, like thousands of people have already done before.

You know me, you know my face, I risk a lot, if anything goes wrong with your order, right? You may think whatever you want about me, but as for penstock.net – it is a completely different thing. It doesn’t “misinform” you, doesn’t “provide you wrong information”. All it does is serving you to get rid of those old ways of getting pen mods, so you could jump into pen spinning much faster without any regret.

What do anonymous pen modders from discord risk? Today they send pen mods, tomorrow they don't want to make them anymore. You send them payment, watch some episodes, play some games, after that decide to finally prepare a pen mod for you – oops, I don’t have needed parts. Well, it seems I need to order them. Holy! They have increased prices for Dr. Grip Grips – sorry, dude, I need to charge more from you, and yeah, by the way, delivery dates are going to be shifted to the next month, sorry about that.

All the goods you see on penstock.net are in stock, you even can see their exact quantity. I added this feature recently, by the way, after a few people asked me to do it.

So choose wisely, whom you are listening to and don’t take any advice too serious, they all are just recommendations and “wrong information” wouldn’t stop your progress or lead you from pen spinning. Not to say there is no such thing as “wrong information” when it comes to learning tricks with pens.

My name is Alex Sukhov, may the style be with you, bye!


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